Negative Space Nail Art

Hello Friends, Today its just a quick post to show “Negative Space” nail art that I wore recently. Lately I have been reading lot about Negative Space nail arts and thought of finally taking a stab at it. I really liked how it turned out.  What are your thoughts? Kindly share in the comment box below 🙂

Black and Peach nails

Hello Friends.. My apologies for writing this blog post after such a long time. But from now onward I will try my best to add new posts as frequently as possible. Its summer time and I thought I should use some fun summer colors to create new nail designs, for both hand and toe nails….

Sheer Black Lace Nail Art & First Youtube Video

Hello Friends, Today I am presenting, sheer black lace nail art. Creating sheer effect on nails is getting really popular and hence I thought I should also give it a try. Creating this effect is very simple and easy, but it looks really pretty and sexy!!   I received lot of requests from my friends to…

Diagonal Stripes Nail Art

Hello Everyone, I am going on a vacation to India and I am really excited about it! With all the shopping and packing for vacation I didn’t have much time to do any complicated nail art, so I decided to do a simple and easy diagonal stripes design for my nails. For this nail art…