Diagonal Stripes Nail Art

Hello Everyone,

I am going on a vacation to India and I am really excited about it! With all the shopping and packing for vacation I didn’t have much time to do any complicated nail art, so I decided to do a simple and easy diagonal stripes design for my nails.

Diagonal Stripes
Diagonal Stripes

For this nail art I used beautiful greenish blue colour from Revlon in the shade “Eclectic” as a base for my nail art design and paired up with a peachy colour from NYC in the shade       “Hamptons Peach”.  Along with these two colours I used a top and a base coat from Orly.

Diagonal Stripes
Diagonal Stripes

Initially I decided to do the freehand design for the stripes but then settled for scotch tape to save some time.

For this nail art– after applying the base coat, apply your one of the favorite colour over the nail, wait for the nail paint to dry completely then cut the scotch tape in a very thin triangles, stick them over the nails then apply the second colour and remove the tape carefully. Wait for nail polish to dry and then apply the top coat.

Voila you have a diagonal stripe nail art!!!! 🙂

Diagonal Stripes
Diagonal Stripes

You need not use the same nail colours for this design, you can choose any two colours from your collection.. and get going!!!!!

Do let me know your thoughts about this nail art in the comments below!!!!


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