Colorful Dreams!

Hello Everyone,

I am here to share my this week’s sketchbook art titled ” Colorful Dreams”!

Colorful Dreams
Colorful Dreams

After having a very busy and hectic week I just wanted to crash on bed, sleep and not do anything for a very long time. This small art piece depicts my desire to take a short break from the busy schedule and just see beautiful and colorful dreams.  I know its a very abstract explanation for the inspiration of this sketch, but I am sure anyone who ever had a desire to take a break from their busy life and involve themselves into something relaxing and serene would be able to understand the hidden meaning of this artwork!


Work in progress
Work in progress

Initially I was planning to keep it plain and simple but I felt there was something missing in it and wanted to add little bit of abstractness in it.

I hope you like it and tell me what you think about this drawing!!!!





9 thoughts on “Colorful Dreams!

    1. Nikhil….in my opinion.. all paintings or any art work is all about the perspective…. I have tried to explain my thoughts and opinion in this post about the sketch…. I would really like to know about your perspective… 🙂


    1. Thank you …😃 even I am in a learning phase… Trying to understand the methods which can be applied in sketching n painting … Good comments and appreciation from nice ppl like u.. Keeps me going !!!!


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