Diwali Inspired Nail Art

Hello Everyone,

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!!!

Today is Diwali.. “Festival of Lights”. It is one of my favorite festival…lights, decorations, sweets, crackers, new clothes and lots of fun.  Such a special occasion requires a special Nail Art.

Diwali Inspired Nail Art

My friend got me this Donna Michelle Salon Basic Nail Decorations kit sometime back and from that  time I wanted  to try and make some designs using these small cute mini bottles. What better day could be to try something new than this auspicious occasion- Diwali!!!!

These are the nails that I am wearing for Diwali. I originally painted the index finger and the pinky finger white and did some design on the index finger using the beads from the nail art kit (see the last picture). I was not completely satisfied by that look so I ditched it and painted all the fingers gold and did some design patterns on thumb, index and pinky fingers.

I hope you guys like it…

Diwali Inspired Nail Art
Diya Design on thumb

Products used:

To protect my natural nails and the whole design I used Orly base and top coat.

Main color on the nails is – Color rich Nails from Loreal in the shade – Because You’re Worth It

Finally, the art on the nail is done by using small beads from Donna Michelle Salon Basic Nail Decorations, I think you can find these in dollar tree.

My Tip: If you are using these beads from nail art decoration kit, try to stick them on the nails using any clear polish and apply very thin top coat over these beads, because they loose all their shine and color if we apply excess polish over them!


Original Design






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