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Ain’t no Heel high enough!

Hello Everyone!

I bought these beautiful pair of red heels from Macy’s the other day and I liked them so much that it actually inspired me to make this sketch.

Oh My… Don’t we all just love those long sexy legs and high heels? What is so special about those pointed little things below the soles of the shoes that makes it look so attractive?

Well, I don’t know any scientific facts behind this “mystery”, but I just know one thing for sure… those tiny little painful things can certainly boost up any women’s confidence and make her look damn attractive!

Size does matter here….higher the better 😉

Sexy legs n high heels.. :)
Sexy legs n high heels…
New heels that I purchased recently
Heels that I purchased recently

As Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”….. totally second that.. 🙂


Hope you guys liked my illustration. What are your thoughts about high heels? Share your comments below!

Hello World!

Well hello there!!!!

Oh My.. I am so EXCITED!!!  This is my first post and thus my first baby step in this awesome blogging world. I wanted to call myself a blogger (at least a part-time blogger..) from like very very long time… So today is that special day when one of my several wishes is about to come true…

Hiiiii….. I am Akanksha and I am ARTDICTED!!!! Well..this does not mean that I am Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso… its just that I like to appreciate art…. I feel there is creative side in everything around us, everything for me is a form of an art. I take this as a personal challenge to look for creative side in everything possible. Its the same idea as for any poet everything around him/her can be described in a form of a poem. So, the basic idea behind this blog is just to get a place for everyone to get together and explore all their creative instincts. So lets get together and share our thoughts, ideas, experiences in short anything… 🙂

Writing is not my forte but still I will try to share my thoughts and ideas as best as possible. I will try to express myself more with the pictures and videos as compared to words, as somebody rightly said picture speaks a thousand words. 🙂

Hope to have a wonderful journey ahead!!!!